Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why don't you get your heart to feel

So as you probably can tell already, I'm in a blogging spree. It's just that I'm kind of into bringing my camera around with me again, so I have a lot of photos. Another reason is that I really want to do something productive at the end of my working day, and I'm too exhausted to do anything else like watching a movie or working on my freelance projects, which means I've got blogging left only. So, there, bear with me.

Today I went out with Mia, which feels like ages since we last saw each other. I also wanted to pamper myself a bit, so we decided to go to a fine-dining place, which serves the best steak I've had.

I mean it was too romantic a place for us girls, but whatever!
Beef steak and mushroom sauce

We were being Inception-ish and shitz

I'm in love with Reflection-Mia

Then we went to Ngõ 89, a place that serves Northern Vietnamese traditional food and drinks, which I've been wanting to go for a while. It turned out quite disappointing. The food was okay, but I ordered a thing called "sữa chua nếp cẩm" which tasted like rotten fruit? I mean I guess that's how people like it, but I just cannot swallow that thing.

These cheese sticks were such a let down as well. They just tasted weird and... taste-less (?!)
My office lifestyle made me go home early because I was exhausted, but it was a fun night and I felt really relaxed. This has been a good week so far!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

As is ever so on the road

This entry is nothing else but an image dump of our field trip (my and two of my friends) around my hometown. It was such a fun day, mostly because it was so spontaneous; we had been suffering a hard week at work and on Friday evening we decided, let's get away somewhere. Since it was unplanned, we never expected that we would have such a good time, but we did; took tons of photos, ate good food, hung out and chit-chatted, all in one day. What else can you ask for?

So, enough of the talking, now let me throw all of the images out here.

The girl behind bars
Big kids

lol whut 
Breathtaking sights

Oh this picture is so "me" you don't understand
it's Sal Paradise, Dean Moriarty and Carlo Marx, babies

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Reach for the moon and prepare to fail

So it's been 6 weeks since I started working, and I guess it's about time that I blog something about it, just as a keepsake, because right at this moment I really am trying to appreciate reality. And it's not like I gave up being a dreamer, it's just that people need me and I have to be responsible as well.

View from the office
I'd be lying if I said I have everything going the way I want this time, but at least I can say that I have a boss that I genuinely respect and teammates whose company I really enjoy. Shout-out to the Zeds, if you're reading this, I'm thankful to have to guys as my team right now.

Across the street
Vũ working on his thing
And tonight I hung out with two of my teammates, which was the chill time we all needed. It didn't make everything suddenly okay, but it was nice all the same.

Lighting at Pacey Cupcakes
Cupcakes {Red Velvet. Chocolate Creamchese. Passionfruit. Lemon. Banana Chocolate}
Vũ's blueberry soda 
Cupcake girl
A very important cupcake right here folks
Vy enquiring the meaning of life (and cupcake)
It's just the thing we do

Then we went to Han Thuyen, which was a place I haven't visit since early summer I think, before the raining season even started. It feels good to know that something is not going to change, no matter how much time has gone by.

Shoes. Which is not a cliche at all.
Random baby girl who was so excited to have her photo taken
So it's almost a new day, and it's gonna be my baby sister's birthday very soon. It's gonna be fun this weekend. Now I just have too keep my head up and soldier on!

Monday, November 05, 2012

October Favorites

So this year has almost come to an end and we haven't got any confirmation on The End of the World yet. As a result, people are still going to school, going to work, going home, doing stupid shits and going to bed. Such a depressing cycle, I know, but that's how it is. And these are the my favorite stupid shits to do during the last month.

(This is gonna be a short entry because my head is still throbbing, but I need to distract myself.)

First of all, my favorite haircare product of the month is this new shampoo that just started using for three weeks now

The biggest problems I have with my hair are dry ends and the oil. I used to have a lot of problems with choosing shampoo because the ones that can help repair my dry ends leave my hair extra moisturized and oily, while the ones that don't weigh my hair down also don't help with my dry ends at all. This baby can do both! It makes my hair become so soft and smooth, doesn't weigh my hair down at all and it smells so fresh. I'm so glad I picked this one up in Guardian last month when I ran out of my old shampoo.

Next up is my favorite make-up item of the month.

I haven't got a new powder for a very long time and this one was actually on my wishlist for a while before I could buy it. It's definitely worth the wait. It helps prevent shine on my face because I have combination/oily skin. It can get a little bit cakey if I apply too much, but nonetheless it helps my skin look nice and matte during the day. This is now a must-have item in my bag wherever I go.

My fashion favorite of October is a scarf!

I was never into scarves before, mostly because the weather here doesn't go well with scarves most of the time. But recently, for some reason, I totally fell in love with the fall/autumn fashion style (even though Sai Gon doesn't have fall/autumn, I know!) and leopard printed items are so in this season. This scarf is my favorite because it just goes so well with a lot of things and it spices up the outfit and makes you look comfy and cute in a second! Admittedly it is not very practical for me to wear it everyday, but now that I got a cold, and my office has the air-con on all day, I can justify myself!

Next I want to talk about my favorite app of the month, and it is this baby right here

This game has the cutest introduction! It talks about this little bird who was born with a tiny pair of wings and therefore cannot fly. But you can help him by taking him through valleys and hills and he can jump so high and so far it is almost like he can fly! And it is a simple enough game that you can get a grasp of after five seconds. But to master it is another thing. It takes a lot of calculation and experience to help the bird jump higher and farther and achieves great slides and get into fever mood. Overall it is such a fun game with very cute visuals and you just find yourself coming back to it again and again.

My favorite movie of the month is On the road and you can find my review of this movie on my wordpress page.

And last but not least, my favorite songs of the month -- these are not news songs, I've had them for ages and I'm sure most of you have heard them already. But this month I re-discovered a lot of old favorite songs that somehow wore on a new meaning for me, and they are

The A-Team - Ed Sheeran
Blue Velvet - Lana Del Rey
Come Back When You Can - Barcelona
Mary Jo - Belle & Sebastian

And that completes my October Favorites, which is such great timing because my headache has gotten so bad and my nose is running and I really need to go to sleep or something. So, I hope this entry has been helpful and/or enjoyable to you, please have a good day or night wherever you are!

Friday, October 05, 2012

So I cross my heart and I hope to die

(I just remembered that I still haven't downloaded this song yet. Gotta go download the damn thing after this!)

So I have 10 more days before work starts, and yesterday I went shopping with my Mom. It was like my most fun and cray-cray shopping trip ever. It was raining like crazy the whole time but my Mom and I determinedly travelled the whole city and I got a lot of things. So this blog entry is basically just a haul post.

First of all, and I'm really excited for this, is another Lioele's Blooming Gloss

Lioele's Blooming Gloss in Cherry Red
So if you checked out my September Favorites you knew how I love these lip glosses. Like I think they're the best lip glosses I've ever tried. And then the other day I watched Jen's September Favorites and she mentioned this particular lip gloss, so I thought I might give it a try. And ohhhh my God, it's easily the prettiest lip gloss I've own. It has amazing color payoff and just like other Lioele's lip glosses, it feels so good on the lips. I fell in love with it right away and this thing is never gonna leave my bag wherever I go!

Then, as usual, none of my shopping trip would feel complete without some accessories. And look at these cuties that I got!

I'm so happy that I got a mustache ring, which would go really well with my mustache necklace! If you can't tell I'm just having a mustache phase. I need to get myself a mustache shirt!

Speaking of shirt, I got these two shirts

Uh- yeah, it says Harvard Law, which is lame because I don't go to Harvard and don't study law.
But whatever! I like the style and the color!
That's an ugly-looking hare!
I'm really into weird shirts right now, so *shrugs*

I'm also going through a blazer phase and I got this red blazer because I've already got a black one and I wear that thing all the time

And then the most interesting part of my shopping yesterday, I went shoes shopping. I just got over a phase where I only wore high heels or high wedges, and now I'm craving for some flat shoes. Which is why I've been looking for a nice pair of Oxfords or ballet shoes, but I found none that I really liked and ended up getting these sandals

They are really comfy and I think they go well with a lot of things, so they'll do when I am too lazy to put on proper shoes that look better but are way more uncomfortable.

And last but not least, the spotlight of this haul! Drumroll please!!! Ta-daa

Yes, I know I've got way too many boots for someone living in this freaking weather, but God knows how long I've been looking for a pair of dark brown leather boots, and these are just perfect for me. I just knew I needed these boots when I saw them in the store. And I know I'm gonna be wearing them a lot!

Oh and there's a very cool story happened yesterday. When my Mom and I were taking these things out of the bags and arranging them, we found a pair of shoes that we didn't buy

At first we thought they gave us the wrong ones because my Mom bought a similar pair of wedges in smaller size and a slightly different color. But we checked and my Mom still had her shoes! The thing is we went to three stores of shoes yesterday and none of us even tried these on, so we don't know where they even come from! Then my baby sister tried them on and they fit, so my Mom just gave them to her. We sort of feel bad for having these shoes that we didn't pay for, but we don't even know which store to return them to. I guess we just got lucky once in a while!

Well apart from these babies I bought yesterday I also bought several things last week, like a new dress and two pairs of skinny jeans, but that's sort of long ago so I don't include them here.

Finally, I'm getting really excited and nervous at the same time because a big change is coming for me since I finished school and will start my internship on Oct 15th. I hope everything will turn out fine in the end!